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Anglerfish sculpture: upcycled scrap metal

Anglerfish sculpture: upcycled scrap metal

Anglerfish sculpture: upcycled scrap metal

Ages ago, when I had time on my hands, I made a metal angler-fish. It was a loose idea, a few trips to some charity shops, one trip to Ikea, a hardware shop and a round of e-bay.
It is all scrap metal, discarded kitchen implements. Whisks, strainers, some unidentified things, fondue forks, cake forks, dinner forks, tridents, spatulas, black spray paint, and finally: balloon lights from Ebay. It is mainly held together by tension and a bit of wire.

So now it is on a top shelf collecting dust. Sometimes, the idea is the main thing. Anglerfish are the coolest creatures. Let me know if you want to buy it :)


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